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Do you know breaks my heart?

Peeta was probably 99.9% sure he was going to die in a few days’ time during each one of these interviews and yet he was able to keep it together in order to do everything he could to save Katniss.


I never wanted any of this. Never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to save my sister, and keep Peeta a l i v e.


Black screen. Seal of Panem. Show over.

It’s only now that he’s been corrupted that I can fully appreciate the real Peeta. Even more than I would’ve if he’d died. The kindness, the steadiness, the warmth that had an unexpected heat behind it.

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What Peeta can do so much better than the rest of us. He can use words. He obliterated the rest of the field at both interviews. And maybe it’s because of that underlying goodness that he can move a crowd – no, a country to his side with the turn of a simple sentence.