Cool, except some of us couldn’t give two shits who Elena is sleeping with, and don’t dislike her because of that. I hate Elena because I think that she is the shittiest friend to ever walk the planet, and the fact that the majority of the fandom/characters on the show put her on some pedestal like she is the queen of the motherfucking world is beyond annoying.

She’s selfish, yet she acts like she’s selfless. She’s not compassionate, and god forbid she acknowledge how terribly she treats the people around her; you know, the ones who lay EVERYTHING out on the line for HER? Bonnie is her “best friend,” and the girl has died for her TWICE. But have you ever seen her consoling Bonnie afterwards? NO. Does she say a thing when Damon says disrespectful things about her? NO. Does she even acknowledge the pain/what this girl has been through defending HER, and try to find the error in her ways by being there for her from now on? ….

You guessed it: NO!

And Caroline? She slutshamed her for having sex with Damon, like the petty little bitch that she is, when she knew the EXACT circumstances of what happened to her. She SAW it with her own fucking eyes that Daroline wasn’t rainbows and puppies; he abused her, and yet, she felt the need to say what she did anyway? (which was the pot calling the kettle black imo, because she slept with Damon a day after she and Stefan broke up? But who’s judging, right?) She watered down and swept under the rug all of the reasons why Caroline would be upset with her dating Damon, and yet, Caroline apologizes to HER at the end of the episode, while Elena ‘s blatant disrespect for her goes unrecognized? Oh, okay.

Matt? A.K.A, her human blood bag. She nearly KILLS him, and instead of fessing up to it, and OWNING whatever may have come her way by allowing Matt to be mad at her, she ALLOWS Damon to compel to forget all about it. Then, she lets Matt move into HER house with her brother who is on the verge of a psychotic breakdown, so that she can protect her own ass, and leave him with the mess to clean-up while she’s making herself at “home” somewhere, where she shouldn’t even be welcome, right now? Sure.

And let’s not even get started on how much of a hypocrite she is when it comes to Jeremy, because I don’t even have time for that.

Bottom line: some of us honestly DON’T dislike Elena because of the triangle; in that aspect, I actually feel BAD for her, because I feel like the Delena/Stelena thing has ruined her beyond repair, and she is no longer a character that I like or can even relate to because of the shit they have her doing. And you’re right; they BOTH manipulate her, and I am not down with that; they are two grown ass men who need to get their shit together, and leave the girl alone. She’s confused, clearly, and the best thing they could do is take a step back and allow her the fucking decency to BREATHE for a while.

However, that doesn’t excuse the fact she is a self-cenetered brat who acts as though she does everything for everybody, when she really doesn’t, at all. I would be fine with her selfishness if she ACKNOWLEDGED who she truly was. But she won’t. She’s too busy saying “I’m not Katherine,” while becoming even WORSE than her, and I find that hilarious. I think she is a pretty fucking lame excuse for main “heroine” considering the fact that SHE’S the one who needs to be saved EVERY week, and I am just plain sick and tired of watching her be the biggest fucking hypocrite to appear on this show. Period.

“Damon’s always been there for ME when I needed him,” she says, to the girl that Damon used and abused like a fucking ragdoll? Yeah. Elena is awesome.

Have a good day.

BLESS THIS RESPONSE! OMG! Everything here is why I can’t stand Elena’s ass! PREACH!

I want you to know that I will always be here for you // I will always protect Elena // You have me // I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure that we all come back