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"Don’t they understand that we’re a family? That that’s why this works is because we’re a family?"

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i’m always the worst at making these, but i figured i would since i keep seeing them on my dash. these are just a bunch of blogs i’ve enjoyed this year and always loved seeing on my dash. i don’t follow very many blogs, so most of the ones i follow are on here - yeah, it’s tiny. but i obviously couldn’t fit everyone, so i’m sorry if you aren’t included. i love you all the same anyways!

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Careers chase/Trackerjacker Scene Part 3

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I played baseball for 7 years while growing up and I was so nervous. I practiced for weeks—I went to the park everyday throwing like 100 pitches. The night I flew in I actually got to go to the stadium and practice on the actual mound and I was throwing like 75 mile fast balls right down the middle! I was like, “I’m gonna be on ESPN’s top ten!”

And then, the nerves kicked in. When I got there, it was a sold out stadium…and then I found out 20 seconds before I’m throwing the pitch that it was my favorite player on the team, Brandon Phillips, was going to be catching the ball. So nerves just went, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God, just get it across the plate!” 

I step up, I’m there—I’m doing the whole line up. I look, nod, nod, yes, check the base, and pitch!…right into the dirt, bounced it, and fell to my knees in shame.