The Hunger Games Clips - Download Masterpost

If you do see this or download, can you please reblog instead of just liking to spread to all Hunger Games fans.

Some scenes were cut, to fit under Mediafire 200mb size limit, as high as possible quality, NOT released from Lionsgate, able to be used for gifs and other graphics, or to just tide you all over in between the movie being taken from theatres and until the DVD release. Some scenes, like the reapiing, you can see where I have cut 2 recordings together, as it has been when someone has walked through the cinemas and I’ve hidden my phone. I didn’t add Gales goodbye or Katniss and her bow as those have been released, I thought I had the clip of Katniss and Rue talking, but through cleaning up my folder, I must have accidentally deleted it :(
Also, the tracker jacker and Rue’s death, they go from high quality to smaller quality, I must have deleted the high quality somehow, I thought it would be better to include it, then not at all.

I hope to get no more messages that this is illegal, thanks very much for letting me know, it’s not like I saw the movie 6 times, or planning to buy the DVD. But the rest of you Hunger Games fans, have fun :)

Careers chase/Trackerjacker Scene Part 3

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Fight with Cato and the final Nightlock scene, Part 1, 2 and 3

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Oh, and Peeta’s face during the hug? “Finally, she is safe, we can go home.”

Fight with Cato and final Nightlock scene, Part 1, 3 and 3

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"As if in a last ditch effort, Peeta raises his fingers, dripping with blood from his leg, up to Cat’s arm. Instead of trying to wrestle his way free, his forefinger veers off and makes a deliberate X on the back of Cato’s hand."