↳ Don’t you forget about me ~ Jyler.

“Tyler?” Jeremy asked, as the sun hit him in the face. The windows were opened and Tyler Lockwood was standing there, still shirtless, watching as Denver slowly sprung back to life.

Tyler knew he had made a mistake - and a huge one. He had been reckless, acting on impulse, without thinking. He was following Caroline’s father’s advice and going to the Appalachian Mountains, but his stupidity made him change his way in the last minute; before he could get to Tennessee, he made his way back, until he had reached the last person he should be seeing in a moment like that.

And it definitely wasn’t Caroline.

He wasn’t sure way, though his way always led back to Jeremy - probably because he was the only one he could talk to without being judged. Yes, they had stabbed each other’s backs more than once, he wasn’t proud of some of the things he had said and done to him, but regardless, they had a lot in common; they were both caught in the middle of a war they had no interest in joining, and they both paid the price.

The sex was also very good.

But he shouldn’t have been there - not when Jeremy was trying to build a whole new life, going to school with normal people and playing normal sports, instead of shooting arrows and sharping stakes. He shouldn’t have picked him up in that cafe near his school last night, taking him back to his room so they could “talk”; and he shouldn’t have realised this only now, seeing as Jeremy wrapped the sheets around him, looking for his clothes.

He was selfish. He was stupid. But he could fix that.

“Hey Jer, listen”, he said, sitting next to him. Their eyes met for a second and Tyler could feel his pupils dilating - perks of being both a vampire and a werewolf. “I have never been here, alright? This - last night - never happened.  You’ll forget about everything and move on, OK?”

And before Jeremy could even blink, he was gone - without realising Jeremy had been on vervain for the last couple of months

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